The first step in your ERP implementation or transition is an audit or risk analysis. With this service, we take stock of your needs and see to what extent Odoo is the solution for your company. We will answer questions like:

  • What does this require of the institution?
  • Are any additional links or applications needed?
  • Which processes are sufficiently covered by the system and which are not?

Important: the analysis gives you a comprehensive overview before you start taking budgetary risks. This way we avoid uncomfortable ‘point of return’ moments. You have the freedom to continue working with us without fixed-term contracts. Transparent and reliable, that’s what Honestus stands for.

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Audit in practice

What? During an audit we will examine whether Odoo open source ERP is a match for your processes and wishes. We also identify the areas where this is not the case, and we advise you on any gaps we have found. A customization, extra interface or chance in your business process ... we’ll work it out. One integrated total solution that saves you time and money, that’s what we aim for.

The result of our analysis or audit is set out in a detailed audit report and project proposal with all solutions and potential dangers. This document is the guide for a possible implementation. You choose whether we proceed or not.