Whether you choose Odoo or other automation software, a Honestus consultant will be with you all the way. Our consultant will help you build your success story. After the audit, he or she will launch the implementation together with you via an Earned Value & Risk Management (EVRM) trajectory. This in order to assess the scope and development of the budget and to avoid surprises. During the project roll-out or Odoo implementation our consultant compares the project progress on the basis of:

  • The budgeted cost of the work scheduled to be done in a certain period.
  • The expected risks of the work to be taken in a given period of time according to the planning.
  • The evolution of the delivered work into usable components that create added value for you as a customer.
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Hiring Consultants

Digitisation, automation, optimisation, making companies future-proof ... As an IT consultancy company we are happy to do this. And we’re good at it as well. And that goes beyond implementing Odoo. Customers hire our consultants to help analyse the feasibility of new developments and systems, predict trends, make blueprints, etc.  We can put together a team of consultants for the short or long term.

  • Odoo consultancy
  • Business Intelligence consultancy 
  • Audits and preventive IT consultancy
  • Development of Proof of Concepts (PoC)
  • Etc.