Business Intelligence

Without reports, figures and insight into your business processes, it’s impossible to look ahead. This is exactly what you can do with Odoo Business Intelligence. This open source reporting tool provides you with data, offers an overview of the business results and gives you important decision and management information. Thanks to the implementation of Odoo BI and the support of Honestus consultants, you will sail at course speed in no time.

Why Odoo Business Intelligence?

  • Custom charts and analyses
    Create statistics in any format, for any module
  • Data filters
    Filter your data with your own chosen filters, which you can reuse over and over
  • Up-to-date reporting
    Make reports with real-time data to have a constant idea about all activities and results
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Extensive reports

Business Intelligence is no longer a buzzword, and yet many business leaders and financial managers often find an automated reporting tool quite complicating. Time for more simplicity and transparency despite the extensive options, with Odoo BI and Honestus.

A few functionalities

  • Table 
    Get an overview of all data in one custom table 
  • Bar, line and circle charts 
    Switch between different styles with the same data for the clearest display
  • Export data 
    Make Excel® spreadsheets in just a few clicks
  • Edit the dashboard 
    Create a custom dashboard with relevant information for your company 
  • Save favourites 
    Add filters and save them in a list of favourites
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