About Honestus

UAB Honestus is a Odoo development competence center – providing Odoo ERP outsourcing development services in Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, US, Lithuania and in other countries. We are on a mission to upgrade the daily life of our customer’s organizations by optimizing the business process management. We want our clients to reach its full potential using Odoo system because not having proper tools is very exhausting. So let's IMPROVE TOGETHER!

Global Competency

We have top notch professional team from Belgium and Lithuania and we are ready to rock!

Strongest developers team!

31 years. That's how much experience our Odoo developers have.

GAP analysis experts

We know the best way to get from A to B!


  • Professionalism and continuous improvement. We seek to be best experts in our area, thus we strive for a constant improvement!
  • Transparency. We communicate openly and honestly with our customers and partners!
  • Teamwork. Team result is more important than individual ones!
  • Responsibility and reliability. We stop when we finish job, not when we are tired!
  • Patience. In stressful moments we stay calm, rationally and critically evaluate the situation and solve the problems!
  • Taking on challenges. We seek for ambitious goals, we not afraid of change and risky projects!

Core values helps us to determine what is importnat for us and our clients in the daily life, so we could deliver top notch services nevertheless how much challenging situation occurs.