What is Odoo ERP?

First of all, what is ERP?

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) refers to a business process management software that optimizes the processes of an organization by providing a system of integrated and centralized applications that help manage and automate a wide range of business operations including accounting, human resources, sales and inventory management.

  • Odoo (previously known as Open ERP or Tiny ERP) is Enterprise Resource Planning system originated from Belgium. It is a modular ERP solution which can cover most of your business proceses - Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, eCommerce, Project and etc. So let's check facts below for depeer understading!

  • ​​​​​​User friendly software. And really it is. One of reasons why Odoo was created – to have simple to use ERP software. And Odoo nailed it!

  • It’s a modular solution. You can start with 1 module or as many as you wish and later on grow on demand. And there are no limit on scalability!

  • Flexible and customizable. We recommend staying in the main road and use standard features of Odoo. But there exciting things happens when you turn out of the main road. Same with Odoo – you can fully customize and develop the software to your specific needs 

  • All in one. One Software which covers all. Starting from CRM application and finishing PoS software

  • No more painful integrations. Odoo apps talk with each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes and reap the savings and benefits

  • Python. Powerful programing language for your needs!

  • Rapidly growing. New modules and features appears every year!

  • It’s an open source ERP! Odoo has two version of software. One is mainly for free (open source) other one is Enterprise version. Being an open source ERP solution - Odoo attracts a lot of enthusiasts around the world who develop new features, plugins leading by a good will or curiosity. Odoo has a database of 20 000+ applications which can fit to your needs. Thus having in mind Odoo has very big community of enthusiasts you can find this solution very flexible and tailored to your needs!

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Odoo pricing

  • Odoo business management software is available in 2 versions: Enterprise (licenses) and Community (open source)

  • Enterprise version is licensed per module + license for each user and paid on yearly basis or also known as subscription based