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Proactive and without small print


To boost your business and make it future-proof, you need smart ERP and an IT partner who can handle this. Automation software that does what needs to be done and a team that proactively guides you through your digital growth. With Apps you need, without stringent contracts or financial slip-ups. That’s what we call Freedom of Technology, or working together with integrity and transparency. Welcome to Honestus.

ODOO partner

We are the most efficient IT partner who works with you to develop a total solution through ODOO and services.


Over 4,000 apps, good to cover all your business processes in one total package.


A software solution for real estate, facility, retail, rental, fleet and production.

Project approach, it can be as simple as that.

ERP can't be implemented just like that. We work according to an ‘Earned Value & Risk Management’ project approach (EVRM). Earned what? A matter of tackling risks in advance and preventing financial slip-ups. We don't juggle difficult terms and unrealistic planning, our consultants and developers just do their job: make your business more efficient asap, increase your productivity.


Risk Analysis/Audit


Audit report/project proposal


Implementation via EVRM


Efficiency training

The most important step!

Odoo GAP Analysis

GAP analysis - existing situation evaluation methodology, which lets us understand current status quo, organization's expectations, priorities and goals. As a result of this analysis we know the best way how to get from point A to point B.

Main goals:

  • Understand, analyze and document organization's business processes
  • Select most appropriate Odoo solution for each business processes
  • Figure out where standard Odoo features are enough, where custom development is needed
  • Define project and tasks priorities
  • Select Odoo licensing scenario
  • Define project budget, time & scope