Document management

Entering accounts, scanning contracts, approving documents ... it can be faster, better and paperless with the Odoo ERP Document Management App. Odoo Documents makes it easier to share, send, categorise and archive scanned documents. Other functionalities: generate supplier invoices, generate tasks and product sheets for production.

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Why Odoo Project Management?

  • Streamline your workflow
    Fully integrated approval, audit and validation processes
  • E-mail gateway
    Invoices are created automatically from a scanned document or directly from the supplier's email
  • Work together with your team and customers
    Link documents to colleagues, customers or suppliers, share and import
  • Use Sign effortlessly
    Assign documents to the right person, get them signed and returned digitally
  • Batch processing of documents
    Request approval, change folders, labelling and assigning multiple files at once instead of
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Odoo DMS

An extremely reliable and comprehensive Document Management System, that’s what Odoo DMS is. Your documents at hand anytime, anywhere. All of them organised and saved in the same safe place. Want to find out more? The Honestus consultants will be happy to show you all the details of document and contract management with Odoo.